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Yep, we're the place where the thing happened! The two inmates couldn't escape, but can you? Challenge our UNCLE room during the month of October and earn $5/person off your next room play! Prove that escape is not impossible by fully completing the room using two hints or less, and the next room you play at SideQuests is free!

Details in store. Guild replay rates & other discounts not applicable with this offer.


SideQuests Adventures Inc. is an escape room & adventure company located in Edmonton, AB. We specialize in bringing you immersive and interactive team-based experiences. You and your team will have to work together to solve puzzles, search for clues, and escape before time runs out! Will your team be up to the challenge?

How will your quest end?

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”

Neil Gaiman

Located at: 10190 104 Street NW, Lower Level, Edmonton, AB.

Fun fact: It turns out one can simply walk to SideQuests Adventures. Magic rings not required.

The Puzzlehunt Begins!

Quest Robots!

We've got a puzzlehunt event going on! We'll be placing puzzles out in Ye Olde Edmonton Wild for interpid adventurers to find and solve, and we'll be moving the puzzles around as we go! You'll be able to earn rewards and have a ton of fun with friends while doing it.

You can find more information on our puzzlehunt page!

We have a sign!

Dun dun dunnnn! We have a super AWESOME sign and it's amazing! Come check it out on our street, or watch the video above. It's fully programmable so it'll be changing for the holidays and other events. Yaaay!

If you have suggestions for how we should program our sign, let us know!

Things We Do Around Here

Escape Room Adventures for you and your friends.
Birthday parties & private events.
Corporate team building and team celebrations.
Off-site & mobile escape/puzzle experiences.