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Extra Credits: Playtesting

We at SideQuests have been hard at work building our rooms and getting them closer to their FINAL FORM (TM)! Every day, more and more puzzles are getting wired up and more importantly – tested. However, that’s different from playtesting which is what we’d like to talk about today!

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For the Birds

Here at SideQuests, we’re generally of a geeky sort, with deep interests in a variety of different imaginative, fantastical, intellectual, or otherwise “off-beat” topics.  We also have a certain quirky sense of humour, as you might have gathered from our recent job postings, or the tone of our past posts.

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UNCLE: Teaser

Happy Friday folks! Today we’re going to be short on the words because we’re burning the midnight oil at SideQuests HQ. We’ve got a little bit of a sneak peek into the building of Uncle for you!

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The Act of Receiving

We’re in high construction season, which means we’re spending lots of time building out SideQuests!  That doesn’t leave much time for writing posts, though, which means: another photo post! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So…