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Boardgames? We Have Those!

Ever arrive somewhere early and wonder what the heck you’re supposed to do while you wait for your friends? You’ve already caught all the Pokemon in the area, and your battery is starting to get a bit low anyways. Well, at SideQuests, we have a solution for that!

Here at SideQuests, we have escape rooms. That’s not surprising.

But, what might surprise you, is that we also have a welcoming lobby area with boardgames for you to enjoy!

Boardgames! WE HAS THEM.

Yes, we have these things! We can even teach you to play any of these games while you wait for the rest of your team – or if you’d like to hang out with us, we can also set you up for another adventure!

Build the airship, survive the desert, pick up ALL the things!

That one above us is Forbidden Desert. It pits you and your team of adventurers against the harsh desert sun in a race to rebuild an airship to escape before dehydration claims your team. It’s also completely cooperative and just one of the many boardgames we can teach your group to play!

The skull is bad times. Don't let the marker get there.

The skull is bad times. Don’t let the marker get there.

So, come on in today and check out our space! Book your escape room¬†adventure online and leave some time to hang out with us. We’ll make sure you’ll have a fantastic adventure.

If you enjoyed this blog post, let us know in the comments below! Let us know what boardgames you enjoy playing, and what you want to see added to the lobby collection!

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