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Grand Openinged!

Adventurers!  We love you all! We’ve had a busy weekend here at SideQuests: not only was it our grand opening party, but also the public premiere of our newest room, Expedition, and also our first private event, a birthday party!

Also, our MLA, David Shepherd, poked his head in to say hi.  (Note: SideQuests is and remains politically neutral.)

Reception! Click to embiggen.

The Grand Opening

Over the course of the weekend, well over 150 of you came and played our rooms, Uncle and Expedition.  We loved hosting all of you, hope you all had a good time, and hope to see you all again!  Here are the results of our contests:

#TEAMMAKI with 1219 points.
JAM Squad
JAM Squad with 2690 points.
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
S.W.A.T. with 5 modules.
Door Prize
Ticket #1720983.

If you won, we’ll be contacting you shortly, or else you can drop by the store whenever we’re open to claim your prize.  Door prize winner: please bring your ticket to claim your prize.  Room winners: we’ll know it’s you by your team photo (no cheating now — we can tell if it’s impostors wearing face masks).

Trust us, we'll know if you're just pretending to be the winning team...

Some of our favourite overheard quotes from over the weekend:

  • “I found a sword I found a sword I FOUND A SWORD!”
  • “Uncle Willard! He gave birth to me!” cue incredulous looks from teammates
  • An Uncle player to a room guide: “If I speak in an accent, will you speak in an accent?”
  • Regarding keypads: “It pains me to do this, but I keep on having to call the pound sign a ‘hashtag symbol’.”


Photo credit: YEG Date Night

Last Friday, October 21, was the public premiere of Expedition.  27 teams came out to assist their world-famous Egyptology professor and try their hands at recovering the fabled Collar of Wisdom.  And many of you succeeded!  Here are the weekend stats from Expedition:

  • Ending A: 7%
  • Ending B: 41%
  • Ending C: 7%
  • Ending D (Best): 44%
  • Rounding Error: 1%

And, as noted above, the high score was a very respectable 2690 points, achieved by the JAM Squad!


Sunday, we were closed for the first half of the afternoon to host our very first private function: a birthday party. Happy birthday Hailey! We hope you and all of your friends had a blast, and wish you all the best in the year to come!

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