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A Classified Ad

Help urgently needed to recover code to operate Mirror-Box. Must be skilled at solving puzzles and deducing information. Apply in person at Discoveryland the evening of 19 Jan. Time is of the essence.

Note: I absolutely did not forget such an important code. I simply wish to test you. Absolutely. Yep.

Wait, What’s Going On?

On Thursday 19 January, 2017, SideQuests will once again be at Telus World of Science Dark Matters!  This time, the theme is “GAME ON”, and we’ll be there with not one, but two miniature scenarios for you and your friends to play!  Over the next few days, we’ll hint at what the themes are right here on this blog.  But, of course, to find out the full story (and get a totally awesome taste of the SideQuests experience), you and your friends will have to come on down and visit us at Dark Matters.

See you there!

Telus World of Science

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