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Introducing… Chrononaut!

SideQuests is proud to announce our newest experience: Chrononaut, a portable mini-experience that we can bring to your event!  And we’re equally proud to announce its public debut on 19 January 2017, at Telus World of Science Dark Matters — come and check us out!

But first, some journal entries and a little backstory to set the tone…

18 January 1882

I’m going to do it!  Father may have forbidden me from getting my own time machine licence (or “Temporal Difference Machine” licence, as all the steamtech experts call it, as if using bigger words somehow made them sound more intelligent)… anyway, Father said that it’s bad enough that my eldest brother is off wandering the timelines, he doesn’t need two of his children off on absurd jaunts elsewhen.  But!  He couldn’t keep me from sneaking into Brother’s room at night and studying his notes on how to operate the time machine.  I’ve learned enough now to be able to operate it on my own, licence or not, I think.  No, I don’t think I can operate it; I know I can operate it.  I’m sure of it!

And I know that Brother will be out on the town tonight, his time machine at home in his workshop, quite unattended.  I’ll just “borrow” it, and then I’ll finally be able to witness for myself the ancient wonders of the world being built, the great discoveries of the Enlightenment, or perhaps the great wonders of the distant future — the year 1900!  And no one need ever know that I took it, for I’ll be able to return it a minute after leaving.

Oh, this will be such fun!

19 January 1882 2017

All right, don’t panic.  Don’t panic.

The time machine has malfunctioned and I’ve ended up somewhere unexpected.  Or rather, I’ve ended up somewhen unexpected.  I’ve crashed the time machine in what appears to be a storeroom.  The place is deserted.

From a quick study of the stars outside, I’m sure I’m still on Earth, but sometime in the distant future — sometime past the year 2000!  This would be a grand adventure, but for the fact that the time machine appears to have been damaged in the crash.  And, worse yet, Brother’s journal is blank.  All of his notes and instructions on how to repair the time machine have vanished!  I can only guess that in this timeline they were never written.

And worst of all: the voltaic pile battery is draining rapidly.  It looks like there are only a few minutes of charge left to fix the time machine before I’m stuck here forever.

And this leaves me in an awful situation.  What if they don’t have steam engine-men in this future year?  How will I ever get this time machine repaired?  Will I ever see home again?

Wait!  I hear someone coming.  Perhaps they can help me…


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