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To My Faithful Apprentice

My faithful apprentice,

While I am away on my travels, I entrust my secrets and my work to you: all of my experiments in progress and, above all, my most wondrous invention, soon to be unveiled to the world. It must be ready in time for the World Inventors’ Congress, which begins the evening of Thursday 19 January, the very day of my return. If I wait until that day, there will not be nearly enough time to finish preparing this invention so that it may be revealed to the world, and so, I must ask that you finish preparations while I am away.

The invention is locked away in my vault, and the secret to unlocking my vault is stored in my Mirror-Box. You will recall from your lessons how to use the Mirror-Box to access this secret. Do not forget that lesson!  For if you cannot operate the Mirror-Box, you will be unable to access the invention to prepare it, and I will be ruined before the finest inventors in the world.

You have always served me well, and I trust that this task will pose you no problem. If you perform well in this matter, I will consider your apprenticeship complete, and will sponsor you to set up your own workshop.

Your teacher, mentor, and friend,

Quinn, Inventor Extraordinaire

Wait, What’s Going On?

<On Thursday 19 January, 2017, SideQuests will once again be at Telus World of Science Dark Matters! This time, the theme is “GAME ON”, and we’ll be there with not one, but two miniature scenarios for you and your friends to play! Over the next few days, we’ll hint at what the themes are right here on this blog. But, of course, to find out the full story (and get a totally awesome taste of the SideQuests experience), you and your friends will have to come on down and visit us at Dark Matters.

See you there!

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