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Pardon the Dust

Pardon the Dust

We’ve been hard at work on both our upcoming rooms and our website in the last little bit! The most visible bit is our new booking system – we’ve switched from Bookify to Xola. What does this mean for you? And why do companies feel the need to name their software odd names?

I can’t answer the second question for you. (Heck, one of our internal pieces of software has affectionately been named “Bingley”, so I don’t even have a leg to stand on.) However, I can answer the first question! What changes for you? Almost nothing!

  • You can still book in the same place – just hit the big ol’ green button.
  • If you prefer to book via phone, you can still do so at the same phone number. (780 705 1731)
  • The whole process should be easier now, requiring less clicks and fewer forms. Yay!
  • As an added bonus, the website also loads faster now – great news for mobile users!
  • Finally, if you are running into any technical issues, please call (780 705 1731) or email us and let us know what troubles you’re having so we can get those worked out for you!

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