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Escape Rooms! At YOUR Event!

If you’re reading this post, you probably agree with us that escape rooms are a lot of fun.  What could be more fun than getting together with a bunch of friends / family / colleagues and going to an escape room?  Well, what about getting together with a bunch of friends / family / colleagues, and an escape room coming to you?

Wait, what?

That’s right!  SideQuests has customizable portable escape-room-style experiences that we can bring to your event!  Right now, we have three experiences that we can tailor to your event:

  • Chrononaut: Help a hapless time traveler!  Designed as a 15-minute experience, this can be customized for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on your event.  Not convinced?  Check this one out at our downtown location to see how it will fit into your event!
  • Recovery: A clinic for recovering from a phobia of padlocks.  Conquer your fears in this full-length (45-minute) room!  Difficulty can be customized to your event.   Also hosted at our downtown location in between event bookings.
  • The Mirror-Box: What secrets does this box hold?  The Mirror-Box can be run as a standalone puzzle, or customized as part of a larger event for waves of dozens or even hundreds of players.  Check out one of the standalone versions by visiting us during the 104 St Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.


These are some of the events we have attended!

Telus World of Science Dark Matters May 2016

Those of you who were at Telus World of Science Dark Matters in May 2016 may recall the Sherlock Holmes-themed Mystery of the Mirror-Box.  Picture this: hundreds of players crawling and climbing through DiscoveryLand in search of clues, in hopes of landing a job working for Sherlock.

Alberta Wildfire Volunteer Appreciation Event

Volunteers with the Alberta Wildfire organization helped our hapless time traveler in Chrononaut, which ran at their private volunteer appreciation party in November 2016.

Telus World of Science Dark Matters (Again!)

Visitors to (again!) Telus World of Science Dark Matters in January 2017 may recall two SideQuests experiences: an updated mirror-box puzzle, and the public premiere of Chrononaut!

Ronald McDonald House Block Party 2017

At the end of June 2017, we brought a modified version of Chrononaut to the Ronald McDonald House Block Party, where hundreds of families, kids, kids-at-heart, heroes, and villains helped and cheered on our lost time traveler.


 Insert YOUR Event Here

Do you have an event that would be livened up by some entertainment, especially some entertainment that will get guests up, exploring, and interacting with each other?  Give us a call at 780-705-1731 or drop us an email at [email protected], and we’d be happy to customize one of our portable experiences for you!

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