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It’s Alive!


So you’ve decided to create an escape room. You’ve got some puzzles in mind. You have some electronics schematics sketched out. Your game flow and pathing seem workable. You know the space your escape room will inhabit and what structural tweaks and changes it might need to make it functional. You’re totally set, right? Wrong!

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The Great Paperwork Quest of ’16.

So we sat down awhile ago and said, “Hey, let’s start an awesome business! We’ll have incredible escape rooms filled with fun puzzles and we’ll call ourselves ‘SideQuests’!” And then we said, “Yes! Let’s do that!” And then we asked, “So what do we need to do?”

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… and we’re live!

We’re officially live! Follow us for updates on SideQuests – insights from the inside on room development, the insider track on upcoming events, and a heads up on our plans for the future! This is just the beginning… let’s get acquainted!