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Expedition Photos, Part 3

We snuck into the professor’s study again.  Really, I’m surprised we haven’t gotten caught yet after the photos we swiped last week.  But then again, she did mention she was on the verge of a breakthrough at the dig site…

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More Expedition Photos

Earlier this week, we snuck into the professor’s study and puzzled over some photos from her recent Egyptian archaeological dig. Apparently she had to leave the dig in a hurry for some reason, and didn’t have time to properly catalogue or…

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Uncle Review Roundup

It’s been a little while since our last check-in, so we’re back with a roundup of the reviews we’ve had so far for UNCLE! If you’d like to know what others thought of the experience, read on… Reviews of experiences…

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Opening & Long Weekend FAQ

Hello loyal SideQuests fans! Have questions about our opening? How about our hours for this coming Labour Day weekend? Let’s get right to it and answer your questions about this week’s opening and Labour Day long weekend for SideQuests HQ….

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Online Booking is OPEN!

Just so everyone knows: online booking is now open for business! If you haven’t heard, our online booking system is now available and open for you guys to reserve your play times! If you have any troubles with it, you can always…

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Hey! Listen!

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. We’re officially (but quietly) opening our doors to the public on September 1. Read on more about what’s going on and when for Team SideQuests. We have the Uncle room available for everyone to…

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The River Nile

So there’s been an interesting development over the past week: the River Nile is flowing through SideQuests! That’s… actually not exactly a good thing. Maybe it’s best told as a “good news, bad news” story. Good news: The building has…