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Online Booking is OPEN!

Just so everyone knows: online booking is now open for business! If you haven’t heard, our online booking system is now available and open for you guys to reserve your play times! If you have any troubles with it, you can always…

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Hey! Listen!

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. We’re officially (but quietly) opening our doors to the public on September 1. Read on more about what’s going on and when for Team SideQuests. We have the Uncle room available for everyone to…

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Extra Credits: Playtesting

We at SideQuests have been hard at work building our rooms and getting them closer to their FINAL FORM (TM)! Every day, more and more puzzles are getting wired up and more importantly – tested. However, that’s different from playtesting which is what we’d like to talk about today!

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UNCLE: Teaser

Happy Friday folks! Today we’re going to be short on the words because we’re burning the midnight oil at SideQuests HQ. We’ve got a little bit of a sneak peek into the building of Uncle for you!

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Photos That Go Zap

Yay!  Photos! One of our first posts promised to give a glimpse of some of the drawings we’re using to keep things straight.  And the time has come to make good on that promise!  There have been several posts that…

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It’s Alive!


So you’ve decided to create an escape room. You’ve got some puzzles in mind. You have some electronics schematics sketched out. Your game flow and pathing seem workable. You know the space your escape room will inhabit and what structural tweaks and changes it might need to make it functional. You’re totally set, right? Wrong!