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It’s Alive!


So you’ve decided to create an escape room. You’ve got some puzzles in mind. You have some electronics schematics sketched out. Your game flow and pathing seem workable. You know the space your escape room will inhabit and what structural tweaks and changes it might need to make it functional. You’re totally set, right? Wrong!

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Musing on Puzzles

Quest Log Fridays returns with a look at puzzle design from an escape-room point of view.  What is a puzzle? What makes a puzzle work for an escape room? Join us every Friday for a look into the brains behind SideQuests!

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Note: HUGE SUCCESS. Or not?!?!

You have a quest! Have YOU ever been to an escape room and wish something had been different? Ended up being super hyper about it afterwards? Or ranted about it for a good long time? Well, we actually want to hear from you! Oh, and we have something to give you…